White Kaps

White Kaps

Blackstar Rockets, Big Hippie Party, Room 304

Fri ยท October 5, 2018

8:00 pm


White Kaps
White Kaps
The Whitekaps were formed in the early eighties (1983). Friends from high school, all surf/skate beach kids with white hair. Bob Becker (now owner of FEARLESS RECORDS) was the original singer. KC followed. Mike Burton was the original guitar player, then came a guy named Gary. The Whitekaps played with these two guitar players for a short period of time, then just Gary.

Whitekaps played throughout the early eighties with many of the early Punk Rock bands including the GEARS, the Adolescents, TSOL, The SURF PUNKS, Vandals, Agent Orange, etc... not to mention many underground parties all over Southern California.

Rich was playing in a band from Orange County called Kluged. The Whitekaps and Kluged played a couple shows together and became friends. Whitekaps lost their guitar player (Gary) in 1987 and asked Rich to be in the band. Rich has been in the band ever since.

A few years after Rich joined the band, they put out their first 7", Salad Daze. Soon after the 7", they recorded their first full length album Blown in the USA (vinyl), both recorded at Jim Barnes Studio in Santa Ana, California and released by Bob Becker who had just formed his own record company (Fearless Records).
Blackstar Rockets
Big Hippie Party
We are too low-tech and flakey to do a page. However, we wanted a place so the few people that seem to like us can find us. We will post gig dates and, if we can figure it out, will add some tunes and photos. Thanks BHP
Room 304
Venue Information:
Gallagher's Pub HB
Huntington Beach, CA, 92648