Gilby Clarke of Guns and Roses

Gilby Clarke of Guns and Roses

Big Rig Dollhouse, Powerflex 5

Sat ยท March 23, 2019

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Gilby Clarke
Gilby Clarke
American guitarist and record producer born on August 17, 1962 in Cleveland, Ohio,
Big Rig Dollhouse
Powerflex 5
Powerflex 5
There is a place somewhere between the arid desert scrub and the 10,000 ft. mountains of Mt. Baldy where the average summer heat is 100 degrees rattlesnakes and all, and when the leaves turn brown in the fall the Devil winds known as the Santa Anas blow showing no mercy causing millions of dollars of damages each year .In the winter snow caps the jagged vertical mountains while El nino rain pounds the foothills.
The Indians who lived there in the early days and the Spanish Settlers later called that place the Badlands.

In the heart of the Badlands of Southern California skateboarding captured many people's imagination during it's heyday in the 70's.Pipeline skatepark was built in the summer 1977 influenced by famous Badlands spots like Mt.Baldy pipe an emergency drainage spillway built into San Antonio dam,and the L-pool ,the old Upland swim club .Skateboarding played a major role in alot of kids lives who did not have access to drive to the beach 35 miles away.The region was well known in the skateboarding world for wild kids and like the teenagers before them , the 60's generation loved drag racing at Pomona,surfing and drive-in movies.
Area musical greats include Frank Zappa,David Lindley,Sammy Hagar,Rank and File,The Unforgiven,The Stepmothers,Christian Death,Kent State,The Flamethrowers,Manson Youth,Pysche 201,The Streetcleaners,Good Man Down and The Barf.

This narrative leads us to Powerflex 5.

Powerflex 5 is the brainchild of legendary pro skater Steve Alba along with his good friends master tattoist Corey Miller,and guitar tech to the stars Mr.Tracy Robar.They started the band after each one of their respective bands had lead singer drama.The initial gathering consisted of bashing all lead singers and swearing off of a vocalist.........instrumental madness would reign.
Our guitars will sing the melodies.
Think Link Wray meets a punk rock girl and had a bastard child.....that is Powerflex 5.

Asked to describe the Powerflex sound, Mr. Alba relates that he loves of all genres of great Americana music.
I like to call our music "Electric Gumbo", Salba conveys.
It is a dash of danger rock mixed with 2/3 cups of zydeco,along with a pinch of punk,a twist of 70'd drive-in movie soundtracks,a smidge of surf instrumentals,a teaspoon of blues,a handful of trash can 60's proto-punk,a tablespoon of bluegrass, a whole cup of rockabilly,a can of country,a bottle of Tex-Mex and tad of funky soul zapping skankin' mixed in a big pot and brought to boil.After simmering for a spell several more ingredients are thrown in for good measure. Skateboarding in abandoned empty swimming pools,surfing sandy beach breaks,parachuting through clouds,thrift shop collectibles,old school tattoo needles and flash memorialbilia,old comic books,and lots of B - movie magic.
Powerflex has played some amazing shows since their inception shortly before 9-11.The have graced the stages of the Roxy and House of Blues in Hollywood,the Hootenany in O.C.,featured on Iron and Ink tattoo convention show,played the Sky Church at the E.M.P. museum in Seattle,played loads of skateboard industry related events like the Etnies bowlrider series in Lake Forrest, A.S.R. trade shows events for N.H.S Inc. and sports brand Hurley. Powerflex played Independent Trucks 25 anniversary party and they also partook in the Hurley's " Pool Rules" art show that traveled from San Diego,L.A.,Portland and Hawaii.They have opened for the Blasters,T.SO.L.,J.F.A.,Supersuckers,U.S. Bombs, Rev.Horton Heat,and have headlined many local venues in and around the Badlands.
They have been featured on the Daily Habit on Fuel T.V.,and have been known to show up on L.A. Ink from time to time with Corey Miller on the T.L.C. cable network.The band is currently working on getting in the studio to record and capture their famous live sounds and a CD will be in the works soon. To book shows with Powerflex 5 contact Salba and or Corey Miller.
Venue Information:
Gallagher's Pub HB
Huntington Beach, CA, 92648